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01. welcome

We're Nigeria's Leading Crypto
& Giftcards Platform

Bitcards Technologies is Nigeria’s No 1 Giftcards and Crypto Platform.

Our App BitMobile Allows you swap BTC to Naira seamlessly, Trade Giftcards , Pay for bills amongst others…

02. Giftcards

Trade Giftcards Seamlesly

With the BitMobile App, trading Giftcards has been made extremely easy.

Fast processing time for your giftcards and instant payment when you sell your unused cards...

We also credit you extra when giftcards rate increases on the market.

Trade Multiple Giftcards with ease
Send and receive Naira with ease
03. Naira Wallet

Convert BTC to Naira Instantly

The BitMobile App provides you with your Naira Wallet.

No more worries when trying to convert BTC to Naira. The App allows you convert crypto to Naira as Fast as a Jet. Don't sleep on it ...

Allows you make withdrawals without hassle, save funds on the app and get ROI (Returns of Investment)

05. Airtime & Bills

Pay for Airtime & Bills with Ease

With the BitMobile App, you can buy airtime, pay for your DSTV subscription and many more.

The Bitmobile App makes bill payment faster than the speed of light..... 😎

Buy Airtime & Pay Bills