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About Us

BitCards is Nigeria's No 1 Bitcoin and Gift Cards Platform where users can trade their BTC and Gift Cards in exchange for Naira at a very fast pace. Our Platform has been a source of help to alot of clients over the years in trading their Cards for Naira.


Is to make Trading of Bitcoin and Gift Cards Efficient and Super-Fast

Buy/sell Bitcoins

We buy your Coins & Pay you in Naira to any Bank Account in 5 minutes (Bulk preferable).

Trade Gift Cards

We convert your Cards to Naira 24/7 with Yummy Rates you can't get elsewhere. (Receipt or no receipt)

Make Payment

We can help you make Payment with Paypal or Skrill and also convert funds to Naira.

Why choose us?

Honest Dealings

We have honest dealings, as we believe honesty is the best policy..


Transactions and Payment to our customers is Super-Fast.


Our Platform is secured. All information submitted by our customers are encrypted and cannot be seen by a Third-Party

Great Support

Our Customer Representatives are available 24/7 and we work around the clock to satisfy our customers.

Years in the business

BitCards has been in existence for many years and still counting. We have been trading bitcoins and Gift Cards Offline before the official launch of this platform to help eliminate fraud and human error

Positive Reviews

Over the years, our customers have given us good and positive reviews in regards how fast, efficient and convenient our services are.

Sell your Gift Cards via Our Whatsapp in 3 Easy Steps

Get Gift cards Ready

Get your gift cards (images), bitcoin ready for transfer to Naira or bitcoin wallet. Make sure you are ready and patient.

Locate the Whatsapp Button

Locate the Whatsapp Button on our website. Once clicked, you will be re-directed to a whatsapp platform where negotiation of your Gift Cards happens with the help of our Customer Representative

Receive Payment

After your Gift Card has been verified by our customer representative as Valid, your bank account details will be requested for to make instant payment


Gift Cards Bought


Satisfied Clients


Paid Out


Years of Experience


Contact Us

Lagos, Nigeria


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